Steven is a designer based in Brooklyn specializing in visual identities, interactive websites, and digital product interfaces. He's currently designing apps at The New Yorker. Previously, he was a senior product designer at Mux, a video technology startup. He also experiments with more analog art forms like screen printing, film photography, and CRT displays.

Three screenshots of The New Yorker iOS app showing audio user interfaces

The New Yorker iOS

Nov 2022

A new home for audio in the New Yorker iOS App

Native apps, Product, Interaction

Screenshots of an app for reading articles from The New Yorker

The New Yorker Android

Mar 2022

Bringing The New Yorker to Android

Native apps, User Interface, Interaction

Homepage of showing code and devices

Mux Website

May 2020

A redesigned homepage to give a visual, interactive demo of the Mux video API.

Brand, Web, Interaction

Dashboard showing charts and world map

Real-Time Dashboard


Real-time dashboard to monitor video streaming performance. This project includes several iterations spanning three years.

Product, User Interface

Front-facing camera recording screenshot

Oct 2020

An open-source project, is a tool to upload or record a video and get a shareable link to stream it.

Brand, Product, Web

A 3d grid with parts from the Mux logo broken apart

Mux Graphics


A collection of visual design and motion graphics for Mux.

Graphic Design, Motion Design

A list view of blog articles

Mux Blog

May 2020

A redesigned and rebuilt company blog for Mux, built on

Brand, Web

A dark blue wordmark logo with logo applications

API Docs

March 2021

A redesigned documentation site including product guides, demos, and API references

Web, Product